Thursday, May 10, 2018

Diva Challenge 360 (finally)

This was the challenge a few weeks ago.  The challenge was a duo tangle Shattuck vs Tripoli.  Mine was so busy I had trouble finishing.  When I brought out the the Copic grays it finally calmed it down and made sense.  Hope you like it....thanks for stopping by.
My brain on Shattuck/Tripoli :-)

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Fragments in my journal

My habit tracker from April uses the fragment "J6".

And the beginnings of my May calendar focuses on "E4".  Am I a few days late starting my calendar? Or just showing you how it's structured? Maybe a little of both. 

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wholly Hollibaugh

Sorry I haven't been able to post for awhile.
Wholly Hollibaugh ATC

Thought I'd share this wholly hollibaugh with you.  It's a fun technique opening up a "hole" in your tangle to see the layer below.    There is Tipple, Meer, Shattuck and Enyshou hiding in my Hollibaugh.

And here is my first attempt in my BuJo.  I like to test out a new technique or tangle in it.  It's nice to look back and have a visual timeline.  

And speaking of is my "Meerly Cadent" combo tangle as my March calendar.  

Thanks for dropping by.  Hope to see you back here soon!

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Zenith, Henna Drum, Mooka-ish, Well-ish and Maryhill. Dingbatz on 3Z tile.
Always fun to learn something new, including the definition of a dingbat.  These printer's characters get a Zen remake including spelling.
Auras, Crescent Moon & Enyshou Dingbatz on a 3Z tile.

Is the hexagon a dingbatz?  It felt like it when I drew it.  Here I recently converted it into some snail mail. 
Hexagon Spoken. Emingle with Triangulation, Mooka, Perfs, Meer, Well, Printemps, 'Nzeppel, Flux, Maryhill, Phroz & Rounding Dingbatz

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy belated Valentine's Day, diorama style

Is it too late for a Valentine's?  Is it ever too late?  Unfortunately, we all know the answer to that now....yes.

I still thought I'd share these diorama Valentines cards with you.  I'm glad my grandkids are safe and sound.

I'd been playing around with diorama cards lately after watching this video.  These cards fold flat for mailing but stand up nicely to display and can have several layers.

Here's the first card I made after watching the video and I used the dimensions it suggested.  

From there I made adjustments.  It's nice to have the inspiration and then adjust it to make it yours.

I ended up stamping, coloring and cutting lots of pieces, then rearranging them in the little scenes before I was happy with their placement.  These Valentines used stamps and dies by Penny Black and Lawn Fawn. 

Hopefully you can see more of the 3D aspect in these photos:
And maybe this gives you the idea of how they flatten for mailing:

These square cards are nice to shows off Bijou tiles... or other bits of magic.   I used spellbinders dies to cut the heart, bracket square and hexagon, but really, you could use a stencil or template and cut it out too.  They appear to be 4 1/4 inch square cards until flattened for mailing and then they fit an a2 envelope perfectly.

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Power to the children.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I Heart Bumpadox

Hi! I thought you might enjoy a step-out for a "hearty" Valentines tile or two.....

It utilizes Carole Ohl's Bumpadox and Rick's Paradox.  If you haven't tried Paradox, I suggest you play with it a few times first.  And when you're familiar with it, give a warmup try with Bumpadox.  Now on to the heart!

I started with a hexagon tile that I cut with my die cutter using Spellbinders hexagon nestabilities dies.  But if you don't have a hexagon tile to work with, you can use a stencil, or fold or cut a template to make your own (there are you-tubes out there showing folding one for example.  But if that's not your speed, don't lose hope, I'll show another alternative shortly)....

I outlined my hexagon shape then found the center point. To find your center point, visualize a line (but don't draw it) from one point to its opposite point and hover your pen over the approximate center of that "line". While you hold your pen steady over that spot, visualize an intersecting line from two other opposite points (it doesn't matter which 2, just that they are opposite of each other.  Adjust your pen so that you are over where those two imaginary lines would intersect and make a light dot.  That's the center.  Now draw a line from the center to any one of the points.  Skip the next point of the hexagon and draw another line from the center.  Skip another and draw a third line from the center.  Do you see you made a cube?  And your cube consists of 3 diamonds? It's this diamond shape, or rather two side to side diamonds that creates a heart like shape with Bumpadox.

And draw a line with with a bump about 2/3rds of the way up.  (Note, I actually draw my Bumpadox from the point, so I turn my tile upside down pulling my line toward the center point to more comfortably draw the line.)

And draw a mirrored line in the other diamond.

Choose one of those two diamonds and continue with paradox, bumping out just the one side.

And now mirror the other side.  

You have the basic heart.  Don't fret if it's not exactly heart can adjust it with shading as you'll see soon.

You could draw paradox or another Bumpadox in the remaining diamond, however I chose to split the diamond into two triangles...

And mirrored more Paradox.  

Now for rounding out that heart shape (with colored pencil in my case, but you could also do this with graphite).  And some more shading here and there.  I tend to emphasize where the lines come together.  

And I added just a touch of graphite.   

Here is the completed tile in my diorama card.  (I'll be sharing more information about the making of these cards soon.

While scrolling through the Mosaic app recently, I ran across a triangle fragment, Heartwell, by Valerie Hayes.  If you're on the app, check her out and her February 11, 2018 tile.  Her tile was on a triangle grid and it was obvious to me that that is certainly a way to construct a hexagon grid as well, you just need to visualize the hexagon as a gathering of 6 triangles coming together in a point.  So here's my version.....

I typically draw the horizontal lines first and then the angled lines.  As you can see, my hexagon isn't perfect, but it works just fine.

Once I had the grid penciled and the hexagon inked, I turned my tile a quarter turn to see the cube.  

And continued as I did in the tile above.

This time I went crazy with filling in all the remaining triangles with mirrored paradox.

Here's a glimpse of what's to come.

I hope you enjoyed this and give it a try!

Thanks for stopping by....check back soon if you're interested in diorama cards (3D boxes that fold flat and fit in an envelope for mailing.) 

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Today's contribution to The Weekend in Black and White.  I actually took this photo months ago and thought I had posted it!

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Friday, February 9, 2018

February, ScaraDewd and Rumpus

My February calendar in my BuJo plays with the Zentangle pattern Scarabou (sorry, no online instructions, see your local CZT for instructions) and the new pattern, Dewd.

That influenced this Bijou tile...  I am calling the tangle combo ScaraDewd!  (Don't wait until Halloween to try it ;-).   I started with a rennaisance Bijou tile and used a pink micron (PN), colored pencils and gray marker.

And another new tangle, Rumpus, on this Apprentice tile.  I used a black micron, metallic colored pencils and there's a very light layer of prussian blue pencil in the background but it doesn't really show up in the photo.

I have been remiss in keeping up with posting my projects and photos.  I intend to catch up.  We'll see right?

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy this winter photo....

Friday, January 19, 2018

Toodles - and being open to change

Sometimes I start out with a plan, but it's always a good idea to stay open to change.  I started with this die cut, The Sweetest Sound II by Penny Black, that I colored with Copic markers.  I wanted it to be a  "string" for a tile so I traced around it onto an apprentice tile.  I added Diva Dance (Zentangle® video) and Toodles (new tangle Zentangle video), alternating both until it looked complete.

But when I held the die back up to the tile, it just seemed to get lost.  I decided to try a second layer of the die behind the first and added a dark walnut ink to the second die so I could use it slightly offset as a shadow for the first.  But something odd happened.  Somehow the scrap of cardstock was damaged and the ink wouldn't stick to it evenly. The more ink I added, the more pronounced the "hotspot".  But it was so pretty!  I held it next to the tile and, yup, that's the use alone!  The Copic one will just have to wait for another project...... 
Diva Dance and Toodles in Sepia micron with colored pencil. Die cut added using Distress Oxide ink.  

Zentangle and life lessons.  


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Flowers? It's Meer-ly January!

This new stamp, Crimson Blush, from Penny Black is just beautiful....  I stamped it with tattered rose Distress Ink and then "watercolored" with more distress inks, candied apple, wild honey, crushed olive, bundled sage, vintage photo, chipped sapphire and hickory smoke.  I also used a gelato, snow cone, on the sky.  Mainly I'm noting the colors so I have something to refer back to...I was so pleased with the outcome!  The sentiment is from another new set (yes, I've been shopping) So Loved.  I stamped on Portofino Acquerello 140 lb watercolor paper.  I haven't played with this paper much and this is my first time water coloring using distress reinkers.  I'm not sure whether it was the paper or the ink or the combination that caused the bleeding, but it worked well anyway....I just added a few thin lines with a 005 black micron.  The reinkers are SO saturated with color, I'll try them more diluted next time, but again I'm happy with this one!

Here is how I started, at this point I thought it would be a vertical card.

And after  i dropped candied apple and wild honey onto individual wet petals.  

And I was also busy with Christmas thank you cards.  These Beautiful Day flowers from Altenew were stamped over a distress oxide background and then I added colored pencil.  The thanks die is from Hero Arts.  

And I enjoy making the backs of my cards special too.  

Another Penny Black stamp, peony using distress and distress oxide inks.

The dies used on both card backs are a Sizzix Tim Holtz set wildflowers.

And my January calendar for my journal using the tangle Meer.  I drew the string loosely but in pen.  I even outlined the wrong number of squares initially and then added in a few more!  And although the string was loose, I took my time filling it in.  

Thanks again for stopping by!