Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July BuJo and June's tangled habits

I used a Zentangle® fragment again for my July calendar.  The grid and numbers are done in black Pigma micron and each fragment in gray (graphite color) Graphik line maker. The fragment is P5.

Then I got to wondering if I could put that fragment into a hexagon.  Here's how it turned out.  
Start in the center and draw 3 lines radiating out.

Now stretch your fragment into each diamond. 

Next I added weight to the lines.

3 hexagons with P5 fragment.

Reticula and fragments. P5.

Makes me think you could likely stretch any square fragment to fit a diamond and repeating 3 times in the hexagon.  Uh oh, is there another hexagon series in the works?  If you want to see my hexagon play, click on the hexagon label to the right.  

And here is my follow up habit tracker for June; also a fragment, A5.

And I tried something new for June too, encouraging and counting specific habits.  I basically drew a string scene in pencil using stencils, drawing around dies and simply drawing shapes.  Here it is early on in the month.  

And here it is after I filled in the stuff I did.  It was fun and I think I'll try that again!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy 4th!