Friday, August 29, 2014

Simple Zendala booklets to hang, display or carry

First off, here is my Diva Challenge entry for the week. The challenge was stripes. I wanted to do another Zendala and thought I'd combine the two. Not sure I pulled off stripes, but I like it! Tangles used: Aquafleur, Sprigs, Ilana, and Maize (variation).

Nice timing that the Zentangle® blog just posted suggestions for displaying Zentangle art. I've been working on a display/storage option myself. If you hadn't noticed, I've been doing a lot of Zendalas lately. (Mandalas drawn with the Zentangle Method typically drawn on 4 5/8" diameter round tiles from Zentangle.). To see more of my Zendalas, click on the Zendala label on the right side of my blog.

Well, after you get so many Zendalas, you need storage for them, right? And they are just too pretty to put in just any old CD case. So here's what I came up with. You can adjust the number of pockets to fit your need (whim). You can easily load each pocket with two Zendalas, front and back.

You can hang them.
See, the hole for hanging isn't even visible.

Or you can display them.

You can modify them for Apprentice tiles.

You can simply accordion fold the booklet to take with you.
Here's what you will need:

A hole punch (I used 1/8" for eyelets and a larger punch for hanging)
Eyelets to match your hole punch size (for a 5 pocket booklet you need 8 eyelets)
Eyelet setter - (you could probably substitute small brads for the eyelets)
Some type of clips to hold pockets together temporarily (I used 4)
A piece of paper for a template, cut to the same size as your pocket (mine was 5" x 5")
Clear plastic CD/DVD pockets * (I used 5 per booklet)

* I used Memorex clear CD & DVD Keepers that I purchased at Office Depot. I don't remember the price but it looks like they are about $10 for 50 on Amazon. While they do have their logo embossed on the pockets, I didn't find it too obtrusive. I don't notice it on the completed booklet. Also, on the opposite side from the logo, they have a half moon cut. Again, I don't notice this. Check out the photos, they are hardly recognizable. However, you could check out different brands to see if you could avoid either of these.
Important note: Regardless of the number of pockets your completed book will have, you need 1 pocket with only 2 holes punched in the top and 1 pocket with only 2 holes punched at the bottom. All the other pockets need to have 4 holes.

1) Mark your template at 1/2" up from the bottom and 1/2" over from each side.
2) Clip your template to the back of 1 or several pockets. Make sure the pockets open in the same direction and face the same direction. Take time to line it up exactly with edge of pockets (those pockets are slippery and move around easily). Punch through all but one pocket at the bottom (this one will be your bottom or base pocket.. see important note above). I punched 4 pockets and the template at once, but you can do one or two at a time with your template if you prefer or if your hole punch requires less.
3) Clip the template to the flaps taking time to line up the template where the fold line is on the pocket and making sure all pockets are facing the same direction.  Punch.  Do this on all but one pocket (remember that Important note above)
4) Assembly. You will be working bottom to top. Take the pocket with only the 2 holes in the flap. This is the bottom or base pocket. Position it so the opening is toward the top. Take any of the center pockets, facing same direction and place the bottom of that pocket over the holes in the base flap. Position eyelets through holes and set. (You may find the clips helpful here too.)
5) Continue moving up, placing the next pocket on top of the previous flap. Place eyelets and set.

6) The top or final pocket goes on in exactly the same manner. Once it is on, you can decide if you want a single hole in the center of the top flap for hanging. I did not use an eyelet for decoration as I didn't want it obstructing the view of the Zendala when closed.

7) Accordion fold the pockets. Unfold and you're done! Fill with your beautiful Zendalas and hang. Or stand them up to display. When you need to take them along, simply fold them up and go!

To modify this for Apprentice tiles, remember to change the placement of the eyelets. I set mine 1/4" in from bottom and side and the tiles fit fine.

I'd say the only real drawback of this booklet is that you sometimes see the glare reflected on the plastic and you don't get to feel the paper. But you can easily take them in and out and they are protected. I think it's a fair trade off.

Friday, August 22, 2014


The Diva Challenge this week was water. I think my Zendala may just be the boat propeller churning on that lake from Laura's weekend. That was fun! Tangles used: Maryhill, Agua and Tipple.

I also wanted to share pictures of my completed pencil case. This was an "extra" evening project I started at CZT 14. I did actually finish it before Bijou's debut, so I wanted to wait before posting pics. Apparently Bijou and his cousins hitched a ride with me too! That little guy gets around! The pencil case is a nice size, about 5 1/2" x 8" all snapped shut, 11" x 8" unsnapped, with a zipper on either end making 2 separate zippered compartments. There are also 2 additional pockets (see the opening at the center so my tiles don't fall out in transit). Hmm, can I remember what tangles I used? 'Nzeppel, Snookums, Organza Again, Hollibaugh, Dragonair, Yew-Dee, Paradox, Maryhill, Squill, Aquafleur, Mooka, Tripoli, and Xircus.

Thanks for dropping by!

**UPDATE** regarding the blank pencil case:  These will be carried by  Here's the info I got from Rick:  "We are ordering more and when they are in, we will release them for sale. We already have a great lesson plan to go with it, too." …"We have been told to expect them before Christmas."

Friday, August 15, 2014

Zendalas and more

Gotta admit, I was a little afraid of the Zendalas at first. Not sure why. The pre-strung are a great introduction. Although I initially only bought them cuz I had to have that tin! I'm going to try and include the names of the tangles I use from here out. I know I appreciate that information from others. Kind of a challenge to remember which I used sometimes and then variations of some...This first includes Maryhill, Striping, Cirquital, Jetties and Keeko.

I have several birthdays for friends and family coming up so next I needed to focus on cards. A friend of mine gave me some washi tape and watercolor "scraps" she had already die cut with the stamp shape. (Thanks B.J.) Why is it that someone else's scraps always look so much more enticing than your own? I decided to use the tape to mask the edge of the paper and keep the paper from warping while I tried out some watercoloring. The stamp used is Agapanthus Cluster from Stampendous. I used watercolor crayons by Lyra. I tried the technique on bristol as well (purple card). Different look, but still cool.

And I really needed a kid card for my grandson's birthday. Sorry, nothing original here, totally copied the idea from a Pinterest pin. I tried to go to the blog site after making the card so I could give credit, however the pin has been blocked as it apparently links to inappropriate material. So I won't link to take you there! Cute card, just not my idea.

Now back to Zentangle®... Ahhh.... This second Zendala uses Rixty, Striping, Beadlines and Tortuca. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Me and Bijou

I'm a little partial to Bijou. He was introduced at CZT 14, so I feel a special camaraderie. Somehow Bijou shows up when I pull out one of those 2 x 2 tiles! Check out the other Bijou tiles along with a special interview!

Friday, August 1, 2014

This lovely flower.... a gift from a warm hearted little girl I met while walking my dog. It is probably the most beautiful dandelion I've seen. And that would be because she thought it so. So it must be.

I've used it as my inspiration for both The Weekend In Black and White and The Diva Challenge 178. My tangles used: Sadelle Wiltshire's Bandola and Idi Lowenherz' Weben.