Friday, August 15, 2014

Zendalas and more

Gotta admit, I was a little afraid of the Zendalas at first. Not sure why. The pre-strung are a great introduction. Although I initially only bought them cuz I had to have that tin! I'm going to try and include the names of the tangles I use from here out. I know I appreciate that information from others. Kind of a challenge to remember which I used sometimes and then variations of some...This first includes Maryhill, Striping, Cirquital, Jetties and Keeko.

I have several birthdays for friends and family coming up so next I needed to focus on cards. A friend of mine gave me some washi tape and watercolor "scraps" she had already die cut with the stamp shape. (Thanks B.J.) Why is it that someone else's scraps always look so much more enticing than your own? I decided to use the tape to mask the edge of the paper and keep the paper from warping while I tried out some watercoloring. The stamp used is Agapanthus Cluster from Stampendous. I used watercolor crayons by Lyra. I tried the technique on bristol as well (purple card). Different look, but still cool.

And I really needed a kid card for my grandson's birthday. Sorry, nothing original here, totally copied the idea from a Pinterest pin. I tried to go to the blog site after making the card so I could give credit, however the pin has been blocked as it apparently links to inappropriate material. So I won't link to take you there! Cute card, just not my idea.

Now back to Zentangle®... Ahhh.... This second Zendala uses Rixty, Striping, Beadlines and Tortuca. I hope you enjoy.


  1. All of your work is lovely. I can't decide which Zendala I like the most, tie.

  2. Love how you've used our Agapanthus, Betsy. It's gorgeous with that beautiful watercolor look. Thanks so much for sharing with Stampendous products!

  3. What a great batch of cards. I love all the experimentation with different colour techniques on the agapanthas image. Your zentangling is very impressive.