Friday, July 31, 2015

My Zendala Dare 1 and 101 and then ahhh simplicity.

My first attempt at Erin's Zendala Dare over at The Bright Owl was #100. I enjoyed that so much I thought it might be nice and go back to the beginning with #1. And then trying to keep current with #101 would be nice too (she has since added several more; oh well, so I won't keep current after all). I traced the Zendalas onto my watercolor paper in my journal and then added Erin's templates. At the time I was preparing for a Zendala class using a red micron, so in addition to the black micron I added red. And I was playing around with the red by scribbling some out on a craft sheet (you could also scribble it on glass) and using a wet watercolor brush added the color to my tangle. Why was I surprised when it came out pink? I showed my husband and he asked me what I was expecting? Oh, maybe a more translucent red, after all I didn't add white! He said, you got it! The white from the paper is showing through!
Then I thought I needed a little "brass tack" so I added some metallic too, not sure what this is called, I purchased it at the Calligraphy section of an art supply store. It's been adorning my craftroom ever since, it's so pretty! Sometimes I just used the wet watercolor brush to pick it up, sometimes I mixed it on the craftsheet with the red. I really enjoyed adding a little color.
Tangles used between the two Zendalas: Maryhill, Trimonds, Boss, Cirquital, Cruffle, Patena, Mysteria, ING, Shattuck, Tipple and Itsy Twisty.

I also enjoyed learning a new-to-me tangle, Boss by Margaret Bremner. Yes, it's representational, but I really got into the zone drawing and adding sparkle to all those black lines. This one isn't on tanglepatterns YET, so check it out here.

I think my favorite section of the Zendalas is this Maryhill center surrounded by Trimonds.
Before I had finished these, The Diva Challenge #226 calling for simplicity came out! Oh, how I needed that right then! These Zendalas are so, so busy! I really enjoyed that simplicity break. But of course I had to come back to these and shade. In addition to graphite and the metallic I also used some FaberCastell Polychromos.

So after I finished, (am I really finished? Maybe I need a color wash surrounding the Zendalas?) I decided some more simplicity was in order, so here is my Maryhill with Tipple border Zendala.

 Thanks for your awesome comments!  They make my day!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Student mosaic - Zendalas

Aren't these oh so stunning? Just wait until they are done!

And more payment envelopes/contributed artwork...



Friday, July 17, 2015

The Art of Simplicity

Add one piece of inspiration - Michele Beauchamp's gorgeous Fengle Quandry piece.
Draw one tangle - Fengle.
Use two techniques - Rounding and shading.

Try it again with another tangle - Mooka.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Zendala Week

I'm preparing for a Zendalas class. I started with a pre-strung tile like we'll be using in class. I love the added red micron. Tangles: Diva Dance, Florz, Braze, Knase and Shattuck.
Next I thought I'd try a couple using my Mini Mandala Designer by Ravensburger. Tangles: Diva Dance, Betweed and Auraknot.

Tangles: Henna Drum, Tripoli, Fengle, Printemps, and a Hollibaugh 'Nzeppel combo.

And for the Diva Challenge #225, just 2-3 colors, I strung my Zendala with the help of a compass and protractor. I then decided to ignore most of my lines! Tangles: Rixty, Tipple, Static, Diva Dance, Fife, and what I'm calling Psketti. (For all those kids out there who have had trouble saying know who you are.) I tangled with a black micron, and because it's been hot here, I decided it needed orange and red (microns) before I decided it also needed yellow. As I didn't have a yellow micron, I used a yellow Stabilo.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Student mosaic, black tiles

Awesome tiles of students' work at our black tiles class. This was the first tile with their new supplies. I am amazed how well they did right off!

Then some monotangle play with Cadent.

And just getting started on some line width and drama. (The closest we come to drama at class would be some patterns, cuz we be chillin!). 

And as usual, time went flying by. Here are a couple more lovely payment envelopes.