Sunday, October 1, 2017

Where did September go?

My finished September calendar.  I'm really happy how this Assunta tangle worked out.  Now, what to do for October?
first tile ever with grandkids!

We were busy traveling for part of the month. The best part of September was tangling with my grandkids.

Last week's Diva Challenge was crazy 'NZeppel. I used a very old tile that had a string from a stencil.  Sorry I forgot to photograph it before I started.  I chose to ignore parts of the string and I added more lines here and there.  

My end result on this Apprentice tile reminded me much of my earlier polished stone 'NZeppel.  

And my first try at Well well well.  Mine is on a hand cut tile from brown cardstock.  The brown is close to the color of a bag I want to tangle and I thought I'd try out colors to see if the brown and black would show up on such a dark color.  

I'm glad I have Zentangle® to help keep me centered with all the chaos in our country and in the world.  I still wonder if I'm making any difference whatsoever, but at least I can gather my thoughts and breathe amid the chaos if I just take it one step at a time.  

Friday, September 8, 2017

Short update

Sorry I haven't kept up with posting lately.  Here are a few things I've been working on....
Assunta in my bujo

Embedded letter on a cardboard box that gathers my art journals

Almost forgot shading and chop!  Now just 3 more sides.....

Embedded "seal" on gift envelope

Embedded letter on a shipping tag now gift bookmark

Stay strong and have a good day.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Diva dancing in Lisbon

Yup, I'm still a little behind as I'm showing you my tile for last week's diva challenge #327.  Guest blogger Henrike Bratz challenged us to draw her Lisbon fragment (if you haven't checked it out, see it's great fun!) combined with Diva Dance.

When I saw the Lisbon fragment I knew I wanted to have a go.  I went to my box of tiles and as I pulled out a tile, I noticed this one I did quite awhile ago.

Luckily I wrote on the back how I achieved this look, as I had forgotten.  I used a Dreamweaver stencil and sponged distress inks through it onto a Zentangle tile.  

Henrike shows how the different orientation of the initial strokes in each fragment changes the look of the the overall tile.  Here is what I chose to do.  

And here is the final result. I think perhaps the Diva might be moonlighting as a plumber in mine!  What do you think?  I used black, purple and gray microns, colored pencils, a touch of white chalk, and graphite.  

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Purple and blue

Several weeks ago, guest blogger Jessica Davies' Diva Challenge 324 Tangled Heart, was to use hearts for a string.  Not long afterward, I came across a Kirigami book showing how to cut out a heart shaped doily. I totally had forgotten I had it!  I ran across it while continuing on my KonMari project.  If you haven't seen Jessica's gorgeous hearts, please check them out.

Before I got around to cutting out the doily, Jessica was already on to her second guest post, Diva Challenge 325 using Pea-Nuckle. I decided to combine the two challenges.  

After cutting the doily from scrap paper and a nearly 6" diameter circle from Bristol card, I airbrushed over the doily to create this string.  

That's my take on Enyshou along with Pea-Nuckle using blue and purple microns.  In the photo above, you'll notice only the top portion is shaded.  I shaded using Cretacolor watercolor pencils.  

Finally finished!  There's also a touch of Fabrico gray marker in this final photo.