Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day 2017

With and without color.
Tangles:  Zinger, Springkle, Enyshou, Flux, Tipple, Skwim and Fescu.  I used an olive Copic Multiliner and brown Pigma Micron along with Copic markers and a white Prismacolor pencil. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Square peg round hole

I've been reading a book lately,  A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe by Michael S. Schneider.  Reading, might not be the word....contemplating and absorbing perhaps.  It was recommended on a blog, I believe by Margaret Bremner.  I'm not that far into it, but it's SO interesting.  In the 2nd chapter, about the number 2, I learned about vesica piscis, the almond shaped area of the Dyad (two overlapping circles).  Here is what I drew in my journal after reading it.
My dot grid notebook helped me to see the square as well, or rather helped me to see Bales and therefore the square, which quickly evolved into the cube.  Then I tried it as reticulum.  

A week or so has gone by and The Diva Challenge is circle square string theory.  I thought I could make it work.  That's the problem, I forced it.  And since I was seeing romanancy in that reticulum, I gave that a try as well. 

So I like the tile, learned a lot, but it's too busy, too forced.  After looking at my journal I realized that first basic cube and vesica piscis was my favorite.  Sort of one elaborate reticulum square (or cube!) so Bijou and I played with it a bit.  He's been wanting to play with my Copic markers.  Here's the more basic retry.  

And then I drew the circle and square as a pencil string (duh!  should have listened to the instructions to the challenge ;-) and was able to make the vesica piscis as Enyshou with an orange micron. Next I added Emingle with a gray Graphik line maker.  It was a little dark, so I did two sides of the cube with it and the rest with a Stabilo grey fine tipped marker that was a touch lighter.  I added the Copic in yellows/oranges and hi-lighted with the colorless blender before adding some graphite shading and white charcoal pencil, then redefined some of the orange micron lines.  

 I'm in love with this tile!  It seems like a beginning.  But I guess that's pretty appropriate for vesica piscis, emerging from the one to the many.  I hope this inspires you too! 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring-y card #2

This card was made using Art Impressions (AI) watercolor stamps with Tombow Dual Brush markers on Fabriano Studio cold press watercolor paper.  I used the AI covered bridge, flower, foliage and tree sets.  I've got to admit that I did make a few attempts.  AI is great to provide color, paper and even video suggestions/information for their stamps. But my waterbrush markers are Tombow and they didn't match well with my initial paper choices.  Of my paper stash, they worked fabulously with the Fabriano paper.  If you're having difficulty with any technique or medium choice, I suggest you try using different paper.  It's amazing the different outcomes with just that slight change.  And of course that additional practice can only help you in the long run!

I also used the largest of Lawn Fawns small dotted rectangle stackable to cut out the piece before mounting to a periwinkle A2 card base. 

This is the final day for Art Impressions Spring-y challenge.  Check it out!  And in case you're wondering, YES so far I've managed to do a little color each day so far this month, my personal challenge for the 30 day coloring challenge!

Do have a good week!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Yoo-hoo, more Enyshou?

More of this week's comfort tangle, Enyshou.  Here as a background for my 30 days of coloring project.  The stamp is from Delicate Florals By Penny Black and stamped with Memento ink.  I used Polychromos to color the image and then used Memento gray and blues sponged on for the background.  I used a Uniball Signo angelic white pen to tangle Enyshou over the ink background.  The white pen picked up some of the dye from the ink here and there and has a really nice blended effect (a happy accident).  I also used the stamp to accent the card interior and its envelope.  The background is subtle and hard to show in a photograph, but you can see it a little easier from the side.  This is also inspired by the Diva's weekly challenge.  If you missed this week, check it out here.

One night after going to bed, I realized I hadn't tangled any that day and since world events had me a little stressed, I picked up a tile and started drawing in bed. Yes, propped up against a pillow, sitting with the tile in my lap using the Zentangle kit box as my table.  I did the black ink that night (Pigma micron) and the gray ink (Graphik) I did the next day with the graphite background.  I wanted to try the white gel pen on top of the graphite, but it just wasn't showing up so I sat it aside for the day.  The next day I picked up a metallic silver Gelly Roll and was quite happy with that.  The graphite shading came next. Sometimes a tile comes together all at once, sometimes it needs to be coaxed.  Again, the silver is hard to see in a photograph, but from an angle, you catch a glimpse.  

Perhaps I'm relaxed enough to handle next week?  We'll see.  I hope you have a good week!