Friday, September 23, 2016

Bookmarks from envelopes

I don't remember exactly where I first saw a corner of an envelope made into a bookmark but I believe Pinterest pointed me to this blog post where she makes a nice corner bookmark using washi tape.  I immediately started thinking Zentangle®.

I used the same Sizzix die set I used last week and made an envelope from some linen paper.  Making the envelope allowed me to add the decorative die before folding and sealing. I thought these were so pretty! In addition to the Sizzix die, I used a set from Memory Box found here. And then there was room for tangling on the other side...

Tangles are Skwim, Flux, Double 8s and El Prado.  Although the first bookmark above is pretty, it wasn't practical because the pages would get caught in the die cut as I moved the bookmark around. That's when I decided to add a vellum layer you see in the second. Perhaps I'll tangle both sides next time. That would be a nice way to recycle an envelope, especially a piece of mail with a cool postmark or maybe from someone special. 

By the way, if you think that image is cool of the sea shells, it's a freebie from the paint chip section of the hardware store, showing you recommended color combinations when you open it up. (To be used for a later project no doubt ;-)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Class lines

I had a really fun class last week. We focused on parabolic lines and stringing Zendalas®. I prepared these kits in advance. The boxes housed blank Zendalas, a drawing surface, protractor, bijou tiles, pencil and a bookmark ready to be tangled on. I used an envelope die by Sizzix to make the boxes, scoring additional lines to convert it from an envelope to a box.

Wow, look at all those strung tiles!  And all were done without the use of a straight edge!  Cool right?
Check back next week for a closer look at bookmarks I've been making.
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Tangles creeping into life

Sometimes art just creeps in to every little nook and cranny. And if you can make something better, why not do so?

I was updating my paper display guide on a sheet of dot grid Fabriano paper when I decided to add some tangles. I chose the dot grid because the lines are easy that way with no need for a straight edge. Then I realized the dots were subtle enough that I could choose to ignore them just like portions of a string.     

Before color.  Tangles are Skwim, Flux and Tipple.
With colored pencils
After laminating I wrote with an alcohol marker  (or you could use dry erase markers).
And in use on my paper stand.

After all the time taken in drawing and coloring, I decided to laminate it so I could write with any alcohol based marker. That way if I change things up later I can simply wipe it away with rubbing alcohol and not harm the artwork.  In fact, I've already changed it from this purple to a prussian blue that I'm happier with.

Sure, it could have been quicker without the artwork, but my art space is happier... and so am I. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

More stamping and tangling

It's hard to believe that this cling stamp
combined with this stamp block that fits into this gear (all products of Inkadinkado)
created the string for this tangle of Isochor.
It's been waiting some months for me to finish it. I guess it was just waiting for me to catch up with my gray techniques, reticula & fragments. The original circle was die cut from watercolor paper. After stamping the string (I believe I used pigment ink in a light tan or any Zentangle® string, it disappeared when I drew with my pen) I tangled Isochor with black Sakura Micron.  So that was several months ago.  This week I added Fabrico gray marker around the Isochor cluster. Then my Tripoli reticula with Graphik Derwent Pen adding Prismacolor white pencil and Uniball Signo Angelic for hilights.  Then I added graphite and some more Fabrico cuz I couldn't stop!  I'm really happy with the final(?) result!

Have a wonderful week!