Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Farewell fragments - orbs

Do you remember this stencil string from a few posts back?  When I went to my Zentangle Primer Vol 1 for some circular fragment ideas, I decided the list needed to be expanded.  The Primer orbs grid is A-L and 21-25.  I just continued the numbering ( I mean lettering...). This is NOT an official or authorized list,  just my compilation of things bouncing out of my pen after some inspiration from a used book I picked up at Powell's Book Store called Japanese Design Motifs compiled by The Matsuya Piece-Goods Store and Translated by Fumie Adachi. There is also some Pinterest quilt block inspiration.  And some of these you will recognize as tangles just put into orbs.  Some are variations of one or all of the above!  And if you look closely, one is a repeat of the Zentangle grid (R25 just has a few more lines than D23 and my center is offset.)  N24 may look familiar too as it inspired last week's Pentangle Zendalas.  For a closer look at it's string, check out this post.  

My continuation of orb fragments
I took the time to do step outs on a couple of my favorites and hope you enjoy and are inspired by the whole list. 
O-21 and S-21 step-outs and variations for both

I also wanted to say farewell....I've decided that I spend too much time on electronics.  I wish to close this door so I can see where the next door leads.  I do plan to leave my blog up barring unforeseen circumstances.   It's possible I go into withdrawal and come back here.  It's also possible I post a picture or two onto Pinterest or the Mosaic app, but I truly want to spend more time doing and participating vs watching the world go by.  I think it's more important today than ever.  This blog has been a worthwhile experience for me, and hopefully for you too.  Thanks for your support.  And thanks for dropping by!

O-21 fragment in hexagon (see the internal "daisy hexagons too??)


  1. Betsy, I don't want you to stop your blog...(sad face) but I know it is a chore at times. I have enjoyed your creativity and keep notes of things I want to try. Hope you post once in a while and keep us informed! Hope to meet you at ZenAgain or TangleU one day.
    Terri Young, CZT16

    1. Thanks Terri for your kind words and for checking out my blog. I hope you go back and try those things that sparked your interest. And yes, one day I hope to make it to ZenAgain and TangleU and it would be fun to meet....anything is step at a time!

  2. I am so disappointed that you are dropping the blog (at least for now).
    I've been following you for quite awhile. You are on my favorites list on my blog!!!! Boo hoo.
    But I know that life changes and you must be ready to do whatever is calling you. Good luck.

  3. Betsy- you got me, I did not read all that you wrote on this post. Usually I do but things have been a bit busier here lately dealing w/ all the AZ issues. Sorry for not paying attention. I will miss your art but I know I will be looking back at all the things you've posted previously. Looking forward to getting together. Terry B