Saturday, July 28, 2018


Last week's hexagon tile led to a fragment study.  It's not quite ready to post.  So, I thought I'd take a slight break from my fragment study and share these.   One of my fragments inspired these pentagon tangles (pentangles).  Both were complete on Zendala tiles.
String that divides tile into 10 segments in the middle and only 5 extending to edge.

Both tiles have the same string, except the outer circle is smaller on one.  
Maryhill and Paradox only partially shaded.
Notice how shading Maryhill adds to the lines of the pattern (only the top two arms are shaded here). 

No shade yet.

And this photo is prior to all shading.  

Aren't they cool?  
Paradox and Maryhill, one of my favorite combos.

Maryhill, Skwim, Mooka and a touch of Flux

I'm hoping they inspire you a bit.....and that you check back again for my fragment study!  


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