Patterns and Enhancers

Maryhill by Betsy Wilson CZT14
Maryhill.  For more detail click here.

Egg & i
Egg & i.  Not sure this truly qualifies as an original pattern.  It's starts out like Suzanne McNeill's Queen's Crown and moves on from there (but it does have a cool history, see the story here).  There is also a step out for the lapel ribbon at that link.

Skwim by Betsy Wilson CZT14
Skwim.  For more information, click here.

MoFins (1 of 5)

MoFins (2 of 5)

MoFins (3 of 5)

MoFins (4 of 5)

MoFins (5 of 5) by Betsy Wilson CZT14

MoFins.  Such a versatile tangle (or perhaps multiple tangles?) For more information and examples check out this link.

Triangulation (a tangle enhancer) by Betsy Wilson CZT14
Triangulation.  For more information, click here.

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