Friday, May 13, 2016


MoFins with Hollyhock
A new tangle AND a new class.  Be sure to check out the Zenstones Color Class tab above for more information  on the class.

And now, check out the new tangle I have for you! That's it in the border above. (Hollyhock, by Jason Lau, is in the middle.) I've been playing around with it since early April, stumbling into it as we were driving home from Moab Utah. I struggled with the name for a while. It was nearly LeaMo ( for LEAving MOab) but it just didn't sound quite right. Eventually I got my husband in on the act. As my other tangles (i.e. Maryhill, Skwim) were named after places, I wanted to include our Moab adventure somehow. He suggested MoFins after a jeep trail called Fins and Things at Moab. It just seems to fit!
Lots of variations here, you can pick and choose what steps to use! Here is the original version.
MoFins (1 of 5)
MoFins (2of 5)
But sometimes elegance is simpler.
MoFins (3 of 5)
MoFins (4 of 5)
MoFins (5 of 5)
You can use the first step as a string and fill with tangles.
MoFins as string for tangles.
Why not consider the first step as reticula? What about fragments?
MoFins (string/tangles & fragments)
Border examples in my bullet journal.
MoFins border examples
Playing with white ink on black paper.
MoFins example white on black
Just having fun.
MoFins monotangle (with Tipple)


  1. Wow! Great new design and with such a vast array of possibilities! TFS.

  2. What incredible pieces of artwork. Enjoying looking at your style, fabo.

  3. I really appreciate your variations. I get in a rut to see a tangle in it's original format and am new enough to drawing that I don't have an idea of where to go with it. You have given me a way to look at all tangles. Thank you.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun! I've downloaded your series of pictures and will add it to my "To Try" list. :)

  5. I like your MOFINS Tangle Pattern, and thank you for presenting the various ways to show it off. Mofins with Tipple looks as if it is a nice looking wall holding water back. This is a pattern I will probably use a lot.

  6. Your tangles are amazing! You have taken them on so many fantastic journeys!!👍😃

  7. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. I will absolute try this - maybe also in my BuJo.

  8. Thank you for posting this and explaining it so well that a baby tangler can understand it! I was trying to do this one earlier today but it wasn't broken down and I could not for the life of me get it to look decent. I can't believe I found this the same day and now I know the name too! I've only been tangling for a week so I will definitely be back here learning from your rich and wonderful creations.