Friday, May 6, 2016

Catching up...

My favorite Zendala I worked on during our recent trip to Moab. This is in my mandala journal which is about 4" x 6". I tried out a Copic Drawing Pen (a disposable fountain pen) nib size F02. I enjoyed it, but it died before I got home. Not sure whether the dry climate added to its demise, but it only lasted through about 5 drawings of this similar size. Tangles are Fluz, Tipple, Enyshou, Mooka and Zinger.

One of the wonderful things about being a CZT is having my own Zenthology (Step-Outs for tangles) that was current when I when to classes 2014. I wanted to add "official" tangles that have been added since. I only finished two so far (again while on vacation) Arukas and Zenith. I liked exploring some different options/variations.


I'm still working on my color class page...

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!


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