Friday, April 29, 2016

Stripes, Zenstones and my upcoming color class

The Diva Challenge this week was "stripes". I'm happy with my second attempt. I used Strathmore's mixed media 140 lb paper and added my Zenstone with bezel then black gesso stripes. The background tangle is Ticking. On the black (with Dr Ph Martin's bleed proof white and my new Nikko G nib....thanks Kathleen for the tip) Ando, Telis, Pinch (variation) Emingle, 'Nzeppel, and Meer. That's Inktense pencil on the Zenstone.
On my first attempt, while I like all the individual components, together it was just too busy. Not enough white space and/or contrast. For this I used watercolor paper, Enyshou (my tamed variation), Maryhill and Shattuck. Polychromos pencils on the Zenstone.
I'm preparing for a color class. I'm combining the Zenstone technique with some basic color blending principles and techniques. Here I've been testing out different pencils and blending techniques for comparisons on Apprentice tiles.
More experimenting, this time with metallic pencils, but I ended up adding other "regular" colors over top.
Also trying different papers and pencils on ATCs, this on a rough watercolor with oil pencils. Shattuck, Zenith and Tipple.
And smooth Bristol for this Arukas pattern.
If you are in the Vancouver WA (USA, not BC, Washington state, not DC., next to Portland, Oregon, not Maine!) area, and are interested in the color class, watch for a new page here on my blog (I've taken down the "Take a class" page temporarily until I have the color info ready).
Thanks for stopping by... Have a good one!


  1. Love your latest Stripes tile! Beautiful!

  2. Nice tiles, all of them and I like the way you draw the gems.My favorite is the second one with the yellow gem, I love the shadow you have made, beautiful special tile!!!

  3. Beautiful tiles, and many thanks for the materials details

  4. Two responses to the Diva's Challenge and all the other lovely tiles, you have been busy. Gems are always so fascinating to do.