Friday, April 22, 2016

Globbular vs globular

My "visual journal" reflecting my laser treatment experience to repair a retinal tear. Yes, I saw these colors and more, and even more vivid! While awaiting my consultation with a retinal specialist, I realized their logo, much like an eye, easily could be rendered as globular which was The Divas challenge last week (263). Somehow that morphed quickly into a ZIA interpretation of my experience. Here is how far I got before the exam.

But my experience is globbular in that I seem to have a lava lamp stored away in my eye ;-). See that black blob? (cuz I do!) It's just floating around! I'm taking it easy, still drawing quite a lot, but the editing and typing of blog land is a bit tedious. Bear with me, I have some things to share with you from my vacation. I hope to be able to share them soon!



  1. I pray you will heal quickly and well, and that you will have the peace and strength that you need. Blessings

    1. No praying necessary. I'm all in with the scientific treatment!

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  3. Absolutely gorgeous Zia! I like your choice of colours!

  4. So unique and colourful. Good healing!