Friday, April 1, 2016

Black Tiles and Not So RAZ

This week's black tiles started out with this older tile that I had done in preparation for my black tiles class. I had forgotten all about it. It occurred to me this tile would be an excellent RAZ candidate. RAZ stands for Random Act of Zentangle and typically they are left in public places for someone to find. My goal this year is to average at least one RAZ per month.
I had been working on these cards with a technique where you heat emboss over watercolor. I got the inspiration here. The envelopes I made by up cycling a calendar.  I was a little late getting them mailed, so I decided to walk Molly (our dog) to the post office to drop them off. A perfect place to drop off a RAZ too. However outside the post office a nice man struck up a conversation with me about Molly. It started there, but in ten minutes or so, it seemed we had discussed everything under the sun! He was so open about his life and beliefs that I decided to give him the tile. So I guess it was more of an AZ (forget the random part!). In return he gave me a gift too... As he then recited some beautiful poetry for me! What a nice exchange...and not your typical trip to the post office!
Continuing with the black tile theme, here is a Bijou sized monotangle of Enyshou. I posted it on the mosaic app previously. It's hard to keep track with what I've posted where. I need to figure out what gets posted where and why. Any suggestions? I'm thinking its a little redundant to post at both. Enyshou is a great little tangle that can really vary it's look. More on that next week.
Next is a Bijou and ATC of an Isochor-ish flower where I used a die cut for the string. It was really fun to play with the hilites in white. Can you see the variation in the one flower?
Be sure to check out Annette's blog at CreA(R)Tives. I participated in her 2nd mosaic project and am hoping to see my tile with all the others on her April 5th post.
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. There is a website somewhere for RAZ, did you know? I'll see if I can dig it up and send it. But you probably already know about this. I've been leaving them around FL and WI for several years but have not been good about adding to my stash. The idea of an envelope never occurred to me. I am always afraid some cleaning lady will find them and throw them away. Waiting rooms for doctors are my favorite place…never thought of a post office. Lots of anger in post offices…did you know that? People do not like waiting in lines. Down here in central FL we had some sort of anger fight burst out recently at the P.O. Seriously. They need Zentangle there.