Friday, March 25, 2016

New things lead things!

Eddyper with Zenith
Trying new tangles and updating some of my instruction cards. I'm listing names with links. Check them out!
Land Girlz and Oybay I've played with recently and decided I needed instruction cards. Garlande seemed like fun and as I was trying it out it felt familiar, what was it?? Yes, it reminded me of Akoya, which I really enjoy but realized I had never made a card for it.
I also tried KT recently in my mandala. I know it wants to take me somewhere else, I just haven't let it yet. Viaduct was fun.
And then checking out tanglepatterns for more, I found Eddyper. So pretty!
Sometimes tho instead of learning a new tangle, you just need to go back to a tried and true and have a go from a different perspective, or add just a little twist! I just love Orlique. (Sorry no online instructions, but its not hard....find a CZT for instruction if you're having difficulty.)
Then it's back to a new tangle AND twisting up the old favorites! Here I was trying out Andante and then the tangle morphing just took over. Notice any of your favorites morphing into anything else? And of course Bijou was there to encourage me on! It also helped that I had a pen skipping towards the end of its life!
And now I have another new tangle to try, and a new blog to watch. Check out Naaki. Doesn't it look like fun? I found Nadine through Zentangle's ® new app, Mosaic. Ah, yes, another thing for you to try!
Yeah! I had a chance to try out Naaki before this posted....

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