Friday, November 3, 2017

Inktober 2017 (2 of 2)

And on to the second half of the month.  Enjoy:
(fat)  My thought pattern went to a curvy ogee grid.  I looked up some ogee patterns and thought Mariposa could resemble a fat slice of watermelon.  Not to mention, Viveca's grid approach to the ogee grid is fabulous!
(graceful) Enyshou is my go to graceful pattern.  No instructions, (see your CZT) but some excellent examples at the link.
(filthy) I thought C-view looked like a microscopic piece of dust...maybe on Pigpen?
(cloud) at this time, NOAA was describing our weather pattern as a river in the sky.  Cloudfall seemed to fit the bill.  And those scales are Betweed and Shattuck.
(deep) Wellwellwell.  This is a fractal version of Well.
(furious) Floo (sorry, no instructions, but see your CZT!)
(trail) Luckily Bijou moves slow and I was able to still find him on the Skwim trail.  This was a really late night when I completed this.  I realized the next morning that I should have done the back side of Bijou for a proper snail trail!
(juicy) Molygon
(blind) This one stumped me initially.  But when I sat down to draw, Bronx Cheer easily emerged.  
(ship) Parasail-Z
(squeak) Nuwave
(climb) Static
(fall) Falz (slight variation)
(united) BB
(found) Organza Again.  This used to be a frequent tangle for me.  Through this Inktober, I found it again :-)
(mask) Enyshou and Rain

And the full calendar:

Yeah!I did it!

Have a good one!


  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment. Maybe next year I will be able to participate...or maybe this December? There are so many now I can't keep up. Cheers

  2. Hello!
    I use Pixlr, a free program for photos. Have many options, including cross hatch(press overlay-canvas-carbon).
    Best regards!