Saturday, November 18, 2017

Be Kind To Elephants meets Go Big or Go Home

After viewing Ellen's YouTube I knew I needed to use it as a drawing string.  It was just calling out to me.  And what's bigger than an elephant for Laura's Go Big or Go Home Challenge?
After tracing on the graphic

Please check out the video, (link above) and if you're on Twitter, retweet.  As I'm not on Twitter, I'm hoping posting my version of her graphic here will get some attention to the cause.  
Ha, the ink covered up my outline :-0

I used a circle die cutting a large Zendala (about 7 1/4 inches diameter) from Bristol vellum. After printing out this article I found on the Ellen's campaign (I think I printed the page with the graphic at 175%?) I decided then to try this stencil technique to add some color and texture.  I probably would have started out with watercolor paper or mixed media, had I realized I was going to do this technique from the beginning.  In the end, the Bristol worked ok with the stencils and it was lovely to draw on later.  I transferred the drawing to the paper using graphite on the back of the printed page and tracing it out (old school). I used Sakura PN microns and a 5.0 Graphik Line maker, graphite and colored pencils to tangle Enyshou, Fife, Nipa and Shattuck. I let the stencil dictate some of the lines and tangles.  
After tracing the design (again :-)
Enyshou got me started

Thanks for sharing your support, however you can.