Friday, September 18, 2015

Blue Renaissance

I've been enjoying my blue Strathmore Art Again Series 300 60 lb paper. I'm not sure what the color is called, as mine came from a multi color pad and the color names aren't listed but it is a nice gray blue. When I made my bullet journal, I included several sheets of paper suitable for drawing on in addition to regular paper for my calendar and lists etc. This is one of those drawing pages.  The blue is very nice using the blacks, browns, grays and white traditionally used for the Renaissance tiles. I'm not quite sure why the brown works so nicely with the blue, but it does. I was really happy with the dew drops enhancer on Finery (thanks to Lynn Mead for the tutorial).
That's Pendrills and Quipple you see on the second tile. If you'd like to see my earlier blue Renaissance, check it out here. Have a great week!


  1. These are both gorgeous tiles! You have perfected the dew drops and your Quipple looks like a real string of pearls!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, both of them, but I particularly like the "pearls" drawing. I love to work on Zentangle patterns, but sure haven't reached this level of mastery. Again, gorgeous work, and kudos to you.