Friday, May 15, 2015

Renaissance Dex, Bunzo and so much more...

Dex & Bunzo
I've been practicing with the Zentangle® Renaissance tiles and colors in preparation for my class later this month. I started with the tiles, then tried Strathmore Art paper. The tiles, of course are a wonderful texture though a little soft. I moved to the Strathmore paper because I didn't want to use up tiles intended for students! Need to order more.... Anyway, I enjoyed the Strathmore color but the texture was non existent in the brown. I also tried a gray blue with nicer texture, but color didn't want to blend as well. Even tho I used blue paper, I continued with the traditional colors of black and brown ink (Sakura Microns), pencil (Cretacolor woodless graphite) and white (General's Charcoal White pencil). The Diva Challenge #217 came along while I was working on the blue, so I dedicated a "tile" to The Duo Tangle challenge Dex and Bunzo in honor of Laura's birthday. Be sure to check out the other entries. It's always fun to see all the different approaches to the challenge. Instead of just showing you the challenge tile, I thought I'd show you both pages I've been working on.
Full page before shading
Full page, plus shading & highlights
Finery, Hibred, Onamato, Shattuck, Avreal and Meer
Squid (plus Squill upper right and Tripoli lower left)

And the brown
Marasu, 'Nzeppel, Hollibaugh, Tipple, Zander, Knightsbridge (and Well upper right)


  1. I love this post, Betsy. Absolutely beautiful work. I especially enjoyed your thinking process in preparation for your pending class. Your students are in for a beautiful educational experience.

  2. It's nice that you will be able to share all of these "experimentings" with your students. Each one is wonderfully done! Love how you did the faux tiles in your spiral book. Have a fun time in your class!

  3. Wow, Betsy!!! Your work is absolutely gorgeous!!! Your shading and highlighting is out of this world!!! Really, your work is impeccable!!! :0) Annette

  4. Great work!! I like it!

  5. A lot of beautiful work in one post!!! I love the way you make things shine.

  6. Absolutely beautiful work!! Fantastic shading and wonderful hightlights!

  7. Simply fabulous. Your line work and tangle choices are perfect and what the shading adds is amazing. I wish I could take the class!

  8. Your post was very informative and well written. The work you have shown is amazing and points out the differences in the backgrounds. I always thought I would like the brownish color better, but after seeing your work, I am thinking I may lean towards the Blue. Your challenge piece is amazing with the beautiful shading and highlights. I agree with David...your students are definitely in for a treat. Fabulous work!