Saturday, May 23, 2015

Slider pen boxes!

I love boxes! I've been working on a slider box to accommodate my Sakura microns, well some of them! Then the Diva Challenge #218 came along : White on Black or Found (object) and I decided to also make a box for Gelly Rolls. I have The Ultimate from Crafter's Companion which is awesome for making boxes. I also have the boxer board. You don't have to have either but it sure makes measuring easier! I ran across this video that is great to explain the concept so that you can make whatever size boxes you want. I figured out my measurements after watching the video. I did use wet glue instead (Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive). And I would suggest making your first box from scrap or inexpensive card or even paper, just to get the measurements right. I made a few samples before I was happy with the result. For my final versions, I used a heavyweight pearlescent cardstock for the drawers. For the wrap around of the Micron box (white) I used watercolor paper. For the Gelly Roll (black) box I used Strathmore Artagain paper. I cut and scored my paper before drawing, then used a fixative before gluing. Best of all, the boxes fit into my Art Bin so my pens can always be horizontal even when I'm toting them to class. I have the Art Bin Super Satchel Double Deep with the dividers thanks to a suggestion from fellow CZT Juliette Fiessinger. One of these days I may just fill up an entire section of it with boxes of pens and pencils! (ok, maybe more than one section.)
Tangles used: Nipa, Meer, Twing, Quandary, Printemps, Auraknot, Huggins, Cadent and Shattuck.

I'm thinking a class where I have the boxes pre-cut would be fun. We could tangle in class and I could show students how to assemble. Whaddaya think?


  1. These are lovely and you've set me off wanting to have a go myself. i like the fact that you have left plenty of white/black space. It sets the patterns off very well.

    As for the craft class idea, brilliant.

  2. Love them so much! Now i am going to make one)

  3. I really like your pencil box in black. It turned out beautiful. Looks like a wonderful idea and I may have to give it a try myself. Great work!

  4. Both are wonderful! So fine Idea! Thank you for this lovely inspiration!

  5. Love the boxes and thanks, I think, for the links to the fun tools. Spent too long drooling over all the goodies there but so far have kept the credit card under lock and key!

  6. These are fabulous, Betsy!! (Followed the link you mentioned in a Mosaic post from 4 months ago - which I just encountered today!) Thank you for your generous sharing of ideas, photos & video. Have you taught this class yet? I'm thinking it would be GREAT. :)

    1. No, I haven't taught this yet. I still think this would be great though... Thanks for your comments. Let me know if you make one!