Friday, May 8, 2015

It's a good thing I've got backup!

I haven't finished much this week! Only the tile for my May Renaissance class flyer. (check out the "Class info" tab next to the "Home" tab above) I have lots started, but I'm easily distracted! I like to think of it as lots on the back burner... Anyway, thought I'd share some of the things I worked on while I was in Moab (that got finished!). My favorite is this new journal cover. It's done with black and purple Sakura Microns on cold pressed watercolor paper 5 1/2 inches x 8 1/2 inches (Sorry but I didn't note the brand or weight). I shaded with watercolor and graphite. Tangles are Umble, 'Nzeppel, a Zander/Enyshou combo, Dex, Fife, W2 and Shattuck.

On the flip side of the piece is this Mooka. This page is now laminated and the front cover of my current bullet journal. The old cover held up well, but I needed a change so I'll repurpose that cover. For more info on my first bullet journal, check it out here. I'm really enjoying this type of planner. You can customize it to be anything you want. I keep daily journal notes, to do lists, ideas (you know, things I'd usually jot down on a scrap of paper and then lose) nice paper to draw on, pockets for tiles and ATC's, I even have a page for notes on box construction sizes (oops, that's one of my current projects I'm not finished with...more later).

While I was in Moab, the Diva's challenge, # 212, was UMT Fanz By Susan Goetter. I did a couple ATCs but wasn't successful posting them then. Here they are. The ATC's have since been given away. That's Snookums that sits on the string in the ATC below. It makes a great base for Fanz.

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