Friday, October 14, 2016

Back to Primer

Time to get back to my Zentangle Primer Vol. 1.  I'm still in the first lesson!  Here is my Exercise 2 (#zp1x2) tile using two of the basic tangles combined to create a tangleation.  Mine is a combination of Printemps and Hollibaugh on a Bijou tile.

And, I can't lie, I skipped ahead to Reticula and Fragments long enough for this R-E1 Reticula variation (based on my journal entry that follows) with fragments E4, E25 and leaflet variation.

I had been messing around with a wrought iron catalogue that my husband brought home for me and I thought I could turn it into the Reticula.  I actually did this tile last month while on vacation, and gave it away to a nice couple we met while camping.  
My journal playing with wrought iron shapes -- this is how the string for the tile above came to be

And another tile that somehow I failed to post.  A bijou of Trigue and El Prado, trying out some shades of gray along with typical black on the white tile.

I hope to have a shading class page up soon.  It will basically be a repeat of my earlier shading class. If you're interested, keep an eye out for a new page with information, including photos of the previous class.  

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  1. Beautiful tangles. I've worked on a new zenstone tangle. I'll send you a pic. I'll watch for the announcement on the Shading class as I am interested. Take care - Terry