Friday, September 9, 2016

Tangles creeping into life

Sometimes art just creeps in to every little nook and cranny. And if you can make something better, why not do so?

I was updating my paper display guide on a sheet of dot grid Fabriano paper when I decided to add some tangles. I chose the dot grid because the lines are easy that way with no need for a straight edge. Then I realized the dots were subtle enough that I could choose to ignore them just like portions of a string.     

Before color.  Tangles are Skwim, Flux and Tipple.
With colored pencils
After laminating I wrote with an alcohol marker  (or you could use dry erase markers).
And in use on my paper stand.

After all the time taken in drawing and coloring, I decided to laminate it so I could write with any alcohol based marker. That way if I change things up later I can simply wipe it away with rubbing alcohol and not harm the artwork.  In fact, I've already changed it from this purple to a prussian blue that I'm happier with.

Sure, it could have been quicker without the artwork, but my art space is happier... and so am I. 


  1. What a great. Idea. I love this, Betsy.

  2. Really a wonderful idea! Your paper display is fabulous!

  3. So gorgeous and a great idea! A lot of fun and i am sure using , too!