Saturday, February 28, 2015

You can tangle with that?...on that?

So tangling on a card background isn't new for me, however tangling with stamping ink is. This was done with Tsukineko Momento ink. It comes in both pad and pen form. The pen is pretty convenient as it has a brush tip and a fairly fine nib as well. I tangled Cadent using the fine. The stamped image is from Stampin Up also using Momento ink. For more examples of cards, check out the card label to the right.
I also tangled on this welding shield. I wouldn't even have known what it was except that my hubby asked me if I'd tangle it for a buddy of his. He sprayed it with primer, shown here, and I tangled with a Sakura IDenti-pen, then shaded with a gray Fabrico marker by Tsukineko. Next it needs a protective coating.  It was a strange surface to draw on. I prefer the paper mâché mask I did back at Halloween. Although it was also curved the paper mâché had a more organic and nicer feel. Or maybe it's just been long enough ago that I don't remember how uncomfortable it was!
Saving the best for last... I have a new set of Sakura Koi brush markers. It took me a few different papers to find one that blended well. This is done on 100 lb Bristol smooth. I am on a Cadent bender, literally ;-). I'm working on a Cadent post for next week so stay tuned!


  1. Wow, and wow again; such beautiful artwork. And .... I learned a new English word: welding shield :-)

  2. Way cool! Showed it to the hubby (who does some welding) and he thought it was amazing too!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous all! Beautiful tangling on the welding shield ... looks so cool!

  4. Way rock! The welding shield is cool. I should have posted the clip board I did a while back for Mike to carry at work. All the cool pilots have