Sunday, February 25, 2018


Zenith, Henna Drum, Mooka-ish, Well-ish and Maryhill. Dingbatz on 3Z tile.
Always fun to learn something new, including the definition of a dingbat.  These printer's characters get a Zen remake including spelling.
Auras, Crescent Moon & Enyshou Dingbatz on a 3Z tile.

Is the hexagon a dingbatz?  It felt like it when I drew it.  Here I recently converted it into some snail mail. 
Hexagon Spoken. Emingle with Triangulation, Mooka, Perfs, Meer, Well, Printemps, 'Nzeppel, Flux, Maryhill, Phroz & Rounding Dingbatz

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  1. Oh, wow, these are great! Dingbatz are some of my favorite Zentangle "things", and yours are top notch! I particularly love your Zenith/Henna Drum duo. It looks kind of early Art Deco, and is just beautiful! Your Hexagon works are always inspiring, too. I think they should be recognized as an official Zentangle variety. They are lovely!