Sunday, October 1, 2017

Where did September go?

My finished September calendar.  I'm really happy how this Assunta tangle worked out.  Now, what to do for October?
first tile ever with grandkids!

We were busy traveling for part of the month. The best part of September was tangling with my grandkids.

Last week's Diva Challenge was crazy 'NZeppel. I used a very old tile that had a string from a stencil.  Sorry I forgot to photograph it before I started.  I chose to ignore parts of the string and I added more lines here and there.  

My end result on this Apprentice tile reminded me much of my earlier polished stone 'NZeppel.  

And my first try at Well well well.  Mine is on a hand cut tile from brown cardstock.  The brown is close to the color of a bag I want to tangle and I thought I'd try out colors to see if the brown and black would show up on such a dark color.  

I'm glad I have Zentangle® to help keep me centered with all the chaos in our country and in the world.  I still wonder if I'm making any difference whatsoever, but at least I can gather my thoughts and breathe amid the chaos if I just take it one step at a time.  

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