Friday, August 12, 2016


Is your micron tip damaged? Or maybe just working towards the last drop
of ink?  Don't let it frustrate you, just mark the pen and save it for this awesome tangle.  I PREFER a pen that skips or writes inconsistently for Enyshou using a very light touch versions anyway. And for "block out the world" meditation, this is my go to tangle.  Be sure to check out Maria's Enyshou here.

Here is my ATC cut from watercolor paper including that pressed watermark. When I flipped it over, it looked like a gem to me!   

And my squiggle string

(I call this wrapped version Enyshou-tamed.)

See how shading adds so much. 


I hope to continue seeing you here, however I am having computer woes. If I'm absent for awhile it means, likely, that the fun factor isn't outweighing the technical crap.  After all, I'd rather create art than pull my hair out over the computer stuff.

**IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN MY ZENDALA STRINGING CLASS  (see tab at the top of the page), contact me contact me by 8/15/2016.  For now, at least, that's still up and running!**

As Pooh would say .... Ttfn


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  1. Haven't tried this one, but I will now! Deana