Friday, July 29, 2016

Stringing circles

I was contemplating a new class on stringing Zendalas. The Diva just happened to make this week's challenge "Running 'round in Circles". Just the push I needed.
Hard to make that string on your Zendala? If you're in the Vancouver WA (USA) area and want to learn more, I'll be adding a class page soon. So stay tuned!

Black and brown Sakura Pigma microns on Strathmore toned gray sketch 400 series. Tangles are Rick's Paradox (in a spin!), Shattuck, Punzel/Rixty and Emingle (triangulated). I also used PolyChromos, Fabrico gray marker, Zenstone and Prismacolor white.

And a Zendala tile with a PeelD variation (tangle by Franciose Lip) and 'NZeppel.
I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. I love the softness of the cream colors in these. Really brings out the browns and yellows. Just wonderful work!!

  2. I love circles and yous are beautiful! They speak to me........
    From another Betsy

  3. Wonderful Zendala & your circles are so beautiful!

  4. Love the colors and layout you chose. Can't wait until you have the class scheduled. Terry

  5. Beautiful work with very nice and special colors, I love the connection between the circles. Also your other tile is very original, I like the tangle by Fran├žoise Lip, never seen but really nice!

  6. Really lovely color choices in that first one, and I like the squared off box spirals.

  7. These are so inventive! I especially love the alternating colors of the triangulated Emingle with the shading and highlights.