Friday, November 6, 2015

Gourdgeous, Stones and Ceremony

Just back from vacation. One very nice memory ... sitting in the camper across from my granddaughter, drawing. My drawing was for the Diva Challenge #241. Hers, just awesome!
:-) used with permission
This week is settling back into a routine accompanied by the new tangle, gourdgeous. I tried it before we left with this result. To see different takes on this fun tangle, check out The Diva's challenge #242 that also includes a link to the step outs.
Since I've been back, gourdgeous has helped me to set down some baggage and relax into my wonderful life.


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  2. Your zendalas are fantastic! I especially love the 2nd one with it beautiful accompaniment of organic patterns.

  3. Your zendalas are gorgeous! I like them both a lot!

  4. Wonderful Zendalas, the last one particularly looks full of bounteous gourdgeousness.

  5. Must have been so much fun to draw together with your granddaughter! Her drawing is beautiful.
    I love your zendala's and the second is my favorite. That one in absolutely gorgeous, I keep looking at it.