Friday, January 30, 2015

Sometimes you need to follow the rules! Use the best materials available!

I first checked out Dorian Eng's website, Little Bit of Heart, about a month ago. What took me so long, right? I found the wonderful video for making boxes from Zendalas (those high quality 4 5/8" round tiles by Zentangle®). They are beautiful little boxes and it's a well made, easy to follow video. If you haven't already done so, check it out! I hadn't gotten around to making a box and then my table partner and friend from CZT 14, Charlotte from CharKat's Creative Insanity, showed off her creation on her blog. Ok, now I've got to make that little box! Problem was, I was a little shy on Zendalas. Plus, I was kinda lazy and thought I'd just die cut both the circles AND the template to save time cutting the template out with scissors. I had some heavy watercolor paper, Strathmore cold press, 140 lb, 300 gsm, that is pretty nice to draw on. Sure I saved a little time not cutting a template by hand, but when my box popped open again and again and I made a second, I think that wiped out the time saved! So next I tried 100 lb, 270 gsm smooth Bristol also by Strathmore. This is one of my favorite card making papers, but, if anything it was worse for the box than the watercolor paper. The smooth stiff cardstock popped open even quicker. I tried manipulating the paper more and more and eventually thought I had won the battle, only to wake up the next morning and see them both popped open! Short of cutting the score lines, I decided a nice ribbon would be sufficient.  And they do look very nice. So now, two boxes later, maybe I've finally learned that lesson about using the best materials available!  I will use 2 of the final 3 blank Zendalas I have, for another box. I feel the need to try Enyshou... Oh, and a need for ordering more Zendalas from! Now, of course, I've waited until they were hit by the snowstorm, so my "shortcut" was probably the longest route ever!
Check back next week to see if I was finally successful!


  1. Das ist eine Tolle und zugleich eine sehr schöne Idee Geschenkpäckchen zu verzieren

  2. they are really pretty...I like the ribbons! I think it is the slight cloth-like feel of the Zendala tiles that keep them closed...not really could just be magic.

  3. These are so beautiful, Betsy. You inspire us! Thanks for sharing your work.