Friday, December 12, 2014

That's Maryhill spiraling, not me

It all started with that feeling of being overwhelmed at the holidays. Pretty common right? I felt the need to draw. I put pen to paper and ended up with a spiral. Well, that was funny because that was exactly how I was feeling! As soon as I drew the spiral my mind focused on "Hey, I bet Maryhill will spiral. Let's see!" Since Maryhill wants to spin even without a spiral string, I thought there was a good chance. So I just sectioned off one "rectangle" at a time and then filled it in with Maryhill. Since I didn't have the pie shaped wedge you typically need for Maryhill, I simply brought the lines together in the same corner each time.
Although I liked the final result, it seemed to need something. So I tried again with a wavy spiral. This was more fun and organic for me. I love how the wavy lines, once shaded, resemble folds of fabric.
Mid-tile, Yoda, queen resident of my craftroom, decided I needed a break. When I didn't stop, she completely covered my art journal! Ok, good idea after all!
After a chin rub (for Yoda, not me), stretching my legs, fresh air and another cup of tea, I finished the wavy spiral. I had a lopsided design, however, so I added Flux peeking through to hold it up.
Next, I tried a Zendala with more variety by adding Betweed and Tipple. With this spiral, I sectioned off triangles. This was more like the pie shapes in the original Maryhill step-outs.
Before, I finished, I needed to square things up. I nearly had too much spiraling! I looked back through my art journal to when I first discovered Maryhill. I had tried it with Beeline then but had never finished as I just hadn't been able to meld them. So I tried again. Look at how straight those lines are! I was in the zone. Let's try another, Tripoli, cool!
The Christmas crunch is still on and I'm still a bit overwhelmed. But, for a while, it all disappeared.


  1. Betsy, I love the curly/wavy spiral of Maryhill. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

  2. Love your work, thanks for sharing. Yoda is pretty, my cat Foo chews on my art journal while I'm drawing

  3. Me gustó mucho su trabajo. Me hizo reir el gatito, ya que mis gatas Titi y Piri siempre están acompañando mientras dibujo.

  4. Through some cirquitous route, I just found this post. Maryhill is one of my favorite tangles! I LOVE your version, in the spiral, especially the wavy spiral! Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!