Friday, November 21, 2014

Hangin' with Bijou

Dear Maria and Rick:
I hope you haven't been worrying about Bijou. He showed up at my doorstep a few days ago. We were going to contact you right away, but time just got away from us. We were having so much fun! I think he was visiting the Pacific Northwest in the hopes of some soggy warmer conditions, but alas, we had a cold and windy winter storm blow through. So, after figuring out just what that noise was at my door, "Bij" came in for some tea and we just had fun from there. It's warmed up a bit now and the rain is coming, so my friend is off looking for his cousins. He says he will eventually be headed back to Providence and will contact you along the way. He hopes you've got that new website all figured out and admits it was stressing him out a bit, hence the vacation.
Your grateful student

I hope you enjoy a page from my art journal. Bijou helped! The tangles are BB, Quipple, Mysteria, Squid, Squill and Tipple spillith over :-)